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Nurse Anesthetist and Former Washington Redskins Cheerleader Rachel Visits HoCo STEM Festival

Rachel SciCheer Uniform Logo

Nurse Anesthetist and former Washington Redskins cheerleader Rachel recently attended the Howard County (Maryland) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Festival. Here’s her report: Hello fellow STEM folks! I had the pleasure of representing Science Cheerleader at the HoCo STEM Festival a few weeks ago. This was the second annual event so they were still looking for ideas in terms of how to make the event flow and make it overall even better! This year I was in the “Meet…
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Project MERCCURI: Just how does a science experiment on the Space Station return to Earth?

Thousands of people swabbed microbes from their shoes and cell phones for Project MERCCURI. We’ll share the results of that part of the research as soon as we have them. Many people also swabbed surface samples from landmarks including the Liberty Bell, 76ers stadium, and other cool venues. Those samples were sent to the International Space Station and we’ll learn more about how they’re growing in space (compared to their counterparts left behind at UCDavis) in the coming weeks and months….
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SpaceX Dragon splashes down off the coast of CA with (part of) Project MERCCURI on board!

CRS-3 Splashdown

 Image credit: NASA A month after launching to the International Space Station, one-third of Project MERCCURI returned to Earth yesterday afternoon aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule. Dragon was detached from the International Space Station using a robotic arm controlled by the astronauts. Dragon splashed down in the Pacific Ocean off Baja California. In the capsule, along with other experiments and supplies, were microbes the crew swabbed from high-touch surfaces inside the Space Station. Those surface samples will be sequenced at…
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“Science! Science! Sis Boom Bah!” UPenn Gazette features Darlene Cavalier

Darlene Cavalier

This week, The Pennsylvania Gazette (the University of Pennsylvania’s magazine) featured a profile on Darlene Cavalier and we think it’s pretty awesome. It’s nice to have her whole Science Cheerleader / SciStarter / ECAST Network story in one place demonstrating the arc of Darlene’s scheme!  Check out the full Gazette piece here. I’ve posted excerpts, below. She began to question the public’s role in science. Should readers simply read science articles in magazines or should they do something more with the…
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Rae: Science Cheerleader, Chemist, and STEM communicator!

Rae at desk

Howdy, science fans! Every once in a while, we hear from a Science Cheerleader who grew up outside the U.S. (and is now living in Boston). Please give your attention to Raecca (Rae), Science Cheerleader, blogger, and SciStarter contributor. Her story and drive to learn science will be familiar to you! Hi, Rae! What got you into science? As a high school student, I enjoyed my math and science classes. If you gave me the option to solve an equation…
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Pictures from the USA Science and Engineering Festival!

Darlene and the Science Cheerleaders

  We  just returned from the  USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC! What a blast! The Science Cheerleaders performed science themed routines, led Science Cheers, talked about their careers as cheerleaders and scientists/engineers AND engaged people in citizen science projects with SciStarter! They even kicked off their new project: NASA’s Asteroid Initiative. Here are some fun pictures from the event. If you have some, please post them on our Facebook fan page or share them on Twitter using…
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Project MERCCURI in the news

A recent copy of our Project MERCCURI press release Updated news coverage and links to all the clips, below, can be found at SpaceMicrobes.org/press : ‘Science Cheerleaders’ Send Experiment into Space | ABC-7 TV News (4-18-14) The SpaceX Launch Is Sending Dinosaur Microbes to the Space Station Gizmodo | (4-18-14) What Do NFL Cheerleaders, Tesla Founder Elon Musk, Toilet Bacteria, And The Space Station Have In Common? | 99.7 Now (4-18-14) SpaceX Rocket Launches To Space Station After Long Delay…
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Science Cheerleaders Send Experiment to Space. From ABC7

Photo Credit: Bob Carr

src=”http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/static/flash/embeddedPlayer/swf/otvEmLoader.swf?version=fw1000&station=kgo&section=&mediaId=9509184&cdnRoot=http://cdn.abclocal.go.com&webRoot=http://abclocal.go.com&configPath=/util/&site=”> Learn more about Project MERCCURI here. Check out other press clips here.

Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C.!

alexa orlando magic science cheerleader

Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC, 4/26-27! Watch them perform science-themed routines, collect their autographed trading cards, and participate in our citizen science research, Project MERCCURI! There’s so much to do at the weekend-long event. Come join in the science and engineering celebration! (YOLO!) Wendy Raiders, former Kings, Falcons Ph.D. Candidate, Biomedical Engineering Megan Former Washington Redskins Software Engineer Margaret Former Baltimore Blast Ph.D. Chemist Tynesha Baltimore Blast Patent Examiner Laura Former…
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Angela: Biomedical Engineering Major and Drexel University Cheerleader

angela science cheerleader

Greetings, science and engineering fans! Meet Angela, a biomedical engineering major from Drexel University. You can meet Angela and her sister Beverly at the USA Science & Engineering Festival April 26-27. Hi, Angela! What turned you on to engineering and when? I grew up with the opportunity to fuel my various curiosities including playing simple arithmetic games with my parents and learning science, especially, just for fun. Later on in high school, I confirmed my interest and promise in science…
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