Photo Credit: Bob Carr

Wendy: NFL cheerleader, Biomedical Engineering PhD candidate

Science Cheerleader Hilary

Hilary: Former Colgate Cheerleader, Pharmacology-Physiology PhD Candidate

Amber Houston Texans cheerleader and science cheerleader

Amber: Former Texans cheerleader, Science/Math cheerleader!

Teleza NFL Washington Redskins Science Cheerleader

Teleza: Washington Redskins cheerleader preparing for medical school.

julia wizards science cheerleader

Julia: NBA Washington Wizards cheerleader and budding science journalist.

brianna patriots cheerleader, science cheerleader, dentist

Brianna: Patriots cheerleader majoring in biology and chemistry…future dentist!

asia science cheerleader patriots doctor biology

Asia: New England Patriots cheerleader, prepping for medical school entrance exams


Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders: Ask ‘Em Anything


Meet Rebecca: our first Science Cheerleader from Australia!

Houston Texans - Ada

Meet Ada: Former Texans cheerleader; biology fan!


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