Elesia NBA Washington Capitals Science Cheerleader

Elesia: Washington Capitals cheerleader pursuing PhD in agriculture policy

Christi San Francisco 49ers Science Cheerleader

Christi, 49ers cheerleader heading towards her Master’s degree.

Kim and Kelly NFL Philadelphia Eagles Science Cheerleaders

Kim and Kelly: Twin Philadelphia Eagles Science Cheerleaders!

Yalea TN Titans cheerleader science cheerleader

Meet Yalea: TN Titans cheerleader and science teacher

Theresa Colt Cheerleading Coordinator

Theresa: Colts Cheerleading Coordinator with a science degree

Jessica science cheerleader atlanta hawks

Jessica: Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader, Science Teacher

lauren Philadelphia Soul Science Cheerleader

Lauren, Philadelphia Soul cheerleader, coach and science teacher

Samantha Former NBA and NFL Cheerleader, Physical Therapist, and Teacher

Samantha: Former NBA and NFL Cheerleader with a clinical doctorate.


Kirstin: Cheerleading “math geek”

Parish is a Virginia State University cheerleader turned math teacher!

Parish: Math-loving, former college cheerleader.


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