Jaclyn 2

Jaclyn: Washington Wizards Cheerleader, Mathematician, and Computer Engineer, performing with Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

Amber Houston Texans cheerleader and science cheerleader

Amber: Former Texans cheerleader, Science/Math cheerleader!


Talmesha: Former Washington Redskins Cheerleader, chemical engineer, mathematician, PhD in molecular medicine!

Suzanne Science Cheerleader Washington Wizards

Suzanne: Former NBA Washington Wizards cheerleader, dual degrees in Math and Computer Science

lauren wizards science cheerleader

Lauren: NBA Washington Wizards cheerleader with a head for numbers.

Taylor San Francisco 49ers Science Cheerleader

Taylor: San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader and Math Whiz

sarah science cheerleader patriots math economics

Sarah: Patriots Cheerleader who loves math

Science Cheerleader Mary Carolyn

Mary Carolyn: Former Redskins cheerleader-turned-statistician


Kirstin: Cheerleading “math geek”

Parish is a Virginia State University cheerleader turned math teacher!

Parish: Math-loving, former college cheerleader.