Atlanta Falcons

Emily Atlanta Falcons Science Cheerleader

Emily: Former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and High School Math Teacher

ASF Expo 5

Highlights from the Atlanta Science Festival

Dolphins cheerleader and nurse, Chantal, is fourth from the left.

Cheering on Vets, including Science Cheerleaders who served our country

Photo Credit: Bob Carr

Science Cheerleaders Send Experiment to Space. From ABC7

Photo Credit: Bob Carr

Wendy: NFL cheerleader, Biomedical Engineering PhD candidate

Jennifer NFL Atlanta Falcons Science Cheerleader

Jennifer: from the Falcons’ football field to the medical field.

Kristy NFL Atlanta Falcons Science Cheerleader

Kristy: Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and CDC Chemist

melanie snare science cheerleader bud light try out superbowl

Vote for Melanie: Science Cheerleader (and Super Bowl correspondent?!)

Cindy Lin is an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader studying industrial and systems engineering

Cindy: Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, future Industrial Engineer

Science of NFL Football #9: Newton’s Third Law of Motion