Indianapolis Colts

ASF Expo 5

Highlights from the Atlanta Science Festival

Kelly: PhD cognitive neuroscience

Current NFL cheerleaders pursuing science careers: Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots


Science Cheerleaders on the NFL Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos

Brandi Indianapolis Colts Science Cheerleader

Brandi : Master’s Degree and former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader

Megan NFL Indianapolis Colts Science Cheerleader Head Shaving

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders shave heads for a cause!

Megan NFL Indianapolis Colts Science Cheerleader

Megan: Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader and Occupational Therapist (carrying on a family tradition of cheerleading)

Theresa Colt Cheerleading Coordinator

Theresa: Colts Cheerleading Coordinator with a science degree


Meet Hannah: Colts cheerleader pursuing public health degree


Kirstie: Indianapolis Colts cheerleader-turned-Chemist.


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