Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions!

raquel science cheerleader miami dolphins

Raquel: Nursing Student and Miami Dolphins Cheerleader!

Lauren Miami Dolphin Science Cheerleader

Lauren: Miami Dolphins cheerleader, RN, and a real life saver!


Laura: Registered Nurse and Miami Dolphins Cheerleader!

Dolphins cheerleader and nurse, Chantal, is fourth from the left.

Cheering on Vets, including Science Cheerleaders who served our country

Science Cheerleader Mari Miami Dolphina Project MERCCURI citizen science Broward County School

Project MERCCURI, Science Cheerleaders and Citizen Science with Broward County Science Teachers

felecia science cheerleader miami dolphins

Felecia: Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader with a PhD and a mission.

Miranda Science Cheerleader Dolphins Cheerleader

Miranda: “Stereotypes will not change if we don’t change them ourselves.”


Meet Mari, former Miami Dolphins cheerleader who embraces her inner geek.

From NFL cheerleader to National Geographic host