Washington Wizards

NASA asteroid initiative citizen science

Science Cheerleaders lead citizen science at Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum: Informing NASA’s Asteroid Initiative


Science Cheerleader Lauren featured in Northrop Grumman magazine

Suzanne Science Cheerleader Washington Wizards

Suzanne: Former NBA Washington Wizards cheerleader, dual degrees in Math and Computer Science

devon wizards science cheerleader NBA

Devon: NBA Washington Wizards cheerleader and IT specialist

lauren wizards science cheerleader

Lauren: NBA Washington Wizards cheerleader with a head for numbers.

julia wizards science cheerleader

Julia: NBA Washington Wizards cheerleader and budding science journalist.


Lauren: Washington Wizards cheerleader, math fan

Washington Wizards - Erica

Meet Erica: cheerleader for the NBA and NFL; fan of science!


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