Science Cheerleaders on the NFL Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos


 I’m Crystal, a Science Cheerleader regional coordinator. I’m a former St. Louis Rams cheerleader and a biologist. Watching the Colts vs Bengals game? Look for these Science Cheerleaders on the sidelines!         ANN: I am a financial advisor. Learning about the US and global economy is fascinating to me. More importantly, I love helping people with something that can really make a difference in their lives. Being a financial advisor combines both of my passions for a very fulfilling career. I…
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Science Cheerleaders on the NFL Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks!

Dawn Carolina Panthers Science Cheerleader

Cheerleaders pursuing science, technology, engineering, or math careers can be found on all of the teams that have NFL cheerleading squads (no cheerleaders on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers–sorry!). The late game today is between the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks. Here are their Science Cheerleaders! Lindsey/Carolina Panthers: “My degree is in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University. I really enjoy talking about engineering with others, especially young women, because I was one of those students who had never heard of engineering until someone…
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Ravens vs. Patriots Halftime Entertainment: Ravens Cheerleaders pursuing STEM careers!


Hey football fans, check out your Science Cheerleaders during the playoffs!  My name is Megan and I’m a former Washington Redskins Cheerleader (HAIL!) as well as a Computer Engineer.  I’m a regional coordinator here at Science Cheerleader for the DC/MD/VA Corridor and  I’m excited to present to you all of the amazing Ravens Cheerleaders pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, math and health fields. My fellow Science Cheerleader, Hilary, profiled the SciCheers on the Patriots, here.  Drumroll please…your Science Cheerleaders for…
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Meet the Real Brains of the NFL’s Ravens-Patriots Game!

kristen science cheerleader patriots cheerleader

Science Cheerleader Hilary here! I cheered at Colgate and I’m getting my PhD in Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology from Brown. I’m also a regional coordinator here at Science Cheerleader. While you watch the Patriots take on Ravens this weekend, keep this in mind: The New England Patriots have eleven cheerleaders pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math! I’ve showcased a few, below! The Baltimore Ravens have thirteen science cheerleaders this year and my fellow Science Cheerleader, Megan (an engineer who cheered for the Washington Redskins) showcased them…
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Preliminary results from Project MERCCURI on WHYY’s The Pulse, today

Thanks to everyone who helped collect all those microbes we sent to space for Project MERCCURI! If you have a few minutes, listen to this radio segment about Project MERCCURI, that aired Friday on WHYY. From WHYY radio: A first look at how our germs are behaving in space! Preliminary results are in for a science experiment we’ve been following (and participating in) on The Pulse, called Project MERCCURI. Darlene Cavalier, founder of, which promotes citizen science projects, joined…
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Astronauts Tracking Microbe Growth on the International Space Station This Week

Credit: @casettron

Project MERCCURI Progresses; Microbe Growth Documented for Analysis and Interpretation by UC Davis Scientists This week on the International Space Station, astronaut Terry Virts is measuring the growth of microbes collected by citizen scientists across the United States. This citizen science research, known as Project MERCCURI, investigates how microbes from different places on Earth compare to each other and to those found on the International Space Station. The microbes shot into space on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in April…
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Project MERCCURI featured on NASA’s “Space To Ground”

Project MERCURRI Patch

“What do Buzz Aldrin’s shoe, the Liberty Bell & sports arenas all have in common? Watch Space to Ground, your weekly update on what’s happening aboard the International Space Station.” Project MERCCURI (a citizen science project to compare microbes on Earth and in space) is featured on NASA’s Space to Ground program (a weekly update on what’s happening aboard the International Space Station). Learn more about Project MERCCURI, keep apprised of the findings, and discover how and why the Science…
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Science Cheerleaders take citizen science to Pop Warner regional cheer championship!

drexel, science cheerleader, eagles, pop warner

We had TWO SETS of twins lead Science Cheerleader activities at the Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. Northeast Regional Cheerleading Championship in NJ on 11/8!! Angela, Beverly, Kim and Kelly, led 2063 spectators and 1800 cheerleaders and coaches in cheers to activate a citizen science project featured on SciStarter! For this event, we focused on NOISETUBE, a research project to study noise pollution. And with all those cheerleaders present, we measured A LOT of noise!! See you at the Pop…
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Brittany: I.T. Auditor and former cheerleader

Brittany Dallas Desperados Science Cheerleader at Work

Brittany holds a degree in Management Information Systems and she also cheered for most of her life. Why MIS, Brittany? When I was in high school, I had a teacher that encouraged me to pursue a computer science degree and suggested Management Information Systems (MIS). I was in her computer information systems class my junior year of high school and I excelled in the course and enjoyed it as well. She recognized that and helped to fuel my desire to…
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Cheering on Vets, including Science Cheerleaders who served our country

Dolphins cheerleader and nurse, Chantal, is fourth from the left.

In honor of Veterans’ Day, we want to take this opportunity recognize all of our troops including a few who are also Science Cheerleaders:   In addition, we received a  great note from the Miami Dolphins’ front office to inform us that Dolphins Cheerleaders participated in a salute to our military during a 15-day tour of Afghanistan, Kuwait and Africa! This was arranged by the Department of Defense’s Armed Forces Entertainment. Over a 15-day period, the group visited six bases and the…
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