Science Cheerleader Brandi at the Girl Scouts Green Rush Event in Atlanta

Sciencecheer 1

The Science Cheerleaders appear in the most interesting places. Recently, SciCheer Brandi participated in the Girl Scouts’ Green Rush event in Atlanta, which was an opportunity for people to learn about environmentally friendly businesses. “What an amazing opportunity to support Green Rush and encourage young people to go into the STEM fields, said Brandi. “Special thanks to Kinchasa Taylor, CGH Director, United Nations Association, and Mayor Kasim Reed’s office. I look forward to participating next year.” We also received the following note…
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Science Cheerleader and SAVE JON: Second Annual Game Changer Gala!

Science Cheerleaders Melissa and Jo help live steam at the 2016 Game Changer Gala using Google Glasses. Photo courtesy of M. Smithson.

Science Cheerleader Hilary here! Recently, the Science Cheerleaders lent spirit and support at the 2016 Annual Game Changer Gala for SAVE JON at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA! Traveling from all corners of the country, Science Cheerleaders were thrilled to be back at the gala this year to support the amazing mission of SAVE JON, an organization that is making huge strides towards unraveling the mysteries of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). PSC is a disease that affects the bile duct and liver,…
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Amber: A College Cheerleader and PhD changing our world!

Amber Work 1

Hi SciCheer fans! Samantha here to introduce you to the newest Science Cheerleader. Amber cheered in college at the University of Tulsa and continued to pursue her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. Amber is a researcher and professional speaker encouraging kids to follow their dreams! 1) What turned you on to STEM and when?  I was a high school teacher and cheer coach and wasn’t satisfied with the outcomes of several of my students. Some students would excel after high school and others would…
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Professor at ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society appointed to U.S. EPA Advisory Council

Darlene Cavalier headshot

Science Cheerleader founder, SciStarter founder, former Philadelphia 76ers cheerleader, and Professor at School for the Future of Innovation in Society at ASU , appointed to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Advisory Council .

Saturday in Philly! Councilman At-Large David Oh and Science CheerLEADERS!

David Oh SciCheer

Philadelphia, PA City Councilman At-Large David Oh invites you to participate in his upcoming Cheerleading event, CheerLEADERS: Empowering Girls through Spirit. CheerLEADERS is scheduled for May 21, 2016 at Temple University’s Pavilion, from 10am to 2pm. The Philadelphia Sixers Dancers and the Science Cheerleaders will be holding cheerleading clinics and providing STEM information for all participants. Event is FREE and open to ALL girls, ages 10 to 17. Register @ For more information, call: (215) 686-8889 Download a free…
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“Ph.Ds and Pompoms Come to Washington,” US News and World Report

Credit: Nick Zazulia

Science Cheerleaders came to the nation’s capital to ‘playfully challenge stereotypes’ about scientists and cheering. From US News and World Report: When you think of a cheerleader, you probably picture a smiling face attached to an athletic body. You probably don’t consider that the person might work as a molecular pharmacologist researching ways to more effectively treat cancer or an emergency room doctor who also has two law degrees. Science Cheerleader exists to remind you that they might and to…
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Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions!

Hi Science Cheerleader fans! Samantha here to announce a special audition this weekend! Do you love to dance? To inspire young women? To root for your favorite football team? Want to live in Miami? Check out our friends at the 2016 Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions!   The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are holding their South Florida Auditions this Saturday, April 23! Registration begins at 8:30am at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. For detailed audition and registration information,…
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Colleen: Bay Area Shuckers Cheerleader and Fire Protection Engineer, performing with Science Cheerleaders at the

Colleen: Fire Protection Engineer

  Hey SciCheer fans! Megan here excited to introduce our newest SciCheer, Colleen. She was a former Bay Area Shuckers Cheerleader and has a B.S. and M.S. in Fire Protection Engineering and she’ll be joining us at the USA Science and Engineering Festival next month. Read on for more details! What turned you onto STEM and when? Both of my parents are engineers, and my father is a fire protection engineer. He inspired me to enter this specific field of engineering because…
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Brittany: Washington Wizards Cheerleader, Computer Engineer performing with Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

Brittany 2

Hello, Science Cheerleader fans! Brittany is one of two current Washington Wizard Gals who will be joining the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science & Engineering Festival April 16-17. See what she has to say! What turned you onto technology and when? My computer classes in high school turned me onto technology. I had an amazing teacher that always made going to the computer lab an adventure. She always found new and innovative ways to teach us software and applications. What is your STEM field? Technology (Information…
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Jaclyn: Washington Wizards Cheerleader, Mathematician, and Computer Engineer, performing with Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

Jaclyn 2

Hello, Science Cheerleader fans! Jaclyn is one of two current Washington Wizard Gals who will be joining the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science & Engineering Festival April 16-17. See what she has to say! What turned you onto science and when? Throughout my education, I always had an interest in math and it came very easily to me. I enjoyed puzzles and anything I could logically analyze. I took the most advanced high school courses available and decided that I wanted to major…
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