Growth Results for Microbes Collected by Citizen Scientists and Grown on the International Space Station

Project MERCCURI Patch

Relative Growth Rates Documented by UC Davis Scientists for Project MERCCURI “Encouraging” for Long-Term Manned Spaceflight Do microbes grow differently on the International Space Station than they do on Earth? Results from the growth of microbes collected by SciStarter and Science Cheerleader’s  community of citizen scientists in Project MERCCURI indicate that most behave similarly in both places. Citizen scientists from the NFL, NBA, Pop Warner Youth Football and Cheerleading, and more helped advanced this research. “While this data is extremely…
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Team Cheer announces national partnership with Science Cheerleader


​Team Cheer is excited to announce a new partnership with Science Cheerleader! The Science Cheerleaders are current and former cheerleaders who are also scientists and engineers. They aim to inspire, engage, and empower young women to pursue science careers. These goals are a perfect match for Team Cheer. ​Science Cheerleader founder Darlene Cavalier, a former Philadelphia 76ers cheerleader, says, “I founded Science Cheerleader to playfully challenge stereotypes, inspire young women (particularly the estimated three million cheerleaders in the U.S.) to pursue science careers, and engage people from…
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Highlights from the Atlanta Science Festival

ASF Expo 5

Wow, what a week! From March 21 to March 28, Science Cheerleaders made their presence known across the Atlanta Science Festival. Our thanks to Alexandria and Kiva who cheer for the Atlanta Falcons, as well as Brandi, Jamika, Kristy, Memorie, Mimi, Raquisha, and Zenobia for sharing your Science Cheerleading stories and the message of the importance of citizen science! We would also like to thank the Atlanta Metro Pop Warner team for joining us on stage to cheer for science…
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Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the Cambridge Science Festival on April 18

Join Science Cheerleaders from Brown University (Hilary, Danielle, Aashna, Maria, and Ellen) and Erica from the New England Patriots cheerleaders in Cambridge, MA on April 18 for the at the Cambridge Public Library for a Science Carnival at the Cambridge Science Festival! This year’s carnival features a Robot Zoo! Come ready to participate in fun science activities and take pictures with our Science Cheerleaders! Sponsored by MIT, Biogen, and the City of Cambridge    

Meet Science Cheerleader Hilary and founder Darlene at #GirlPOP2015


Come down to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on May 16 to meet Science Cheerleader Hilary and Science Cheerleader/SciStarter founder Darlene! #GirlPOP2015 will bring in over 3,000 girls and adults for this all-women event focusing on real-life topics affecting women and girls worldwide. Hilary and Darlene will lead a Science Cheerleader session for girls in grades K-12 for an interactive science-fueled experience!

Join the Science Cheerleaders at the World Science Festival in NYC

Join the Science Cheerleaders at the World Science Festival  on May 31 in Washington Square Park! This year’s World Science Festival is expected to attract over 200,000 people eager to learn about and participate in fun science activities! Join us for Citizen Science projects that all ages can take part in, as well as photographs and cheers from our Science Cheerleaders!

The Other Lives of Cheerleaders (ASBM Today)

A select group of women with training in STEM and successful careers demonstrate that there is more to cheerleading than glitz and glamour. By Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay & Geoffrey Hunt   Simply listening to Julia, a cheerleader for the NBA’s Washington Wizards, describe her weekly routine is exhausting. She rattles off a typical schedule for the team’s cheer squad: “Game on Monday, practice Tuesday, game on Wednesday, practice Thursday, maybe a night off, game Saturday, practice on Sunday and another game on Monday.”…
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Science Cheerleaders and Citizen Science at the Atlanta Science Festival

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In partnership with the Atlanta Science Festival , Women in Technology,  Science Cheerleader and, this month-long citizen science campaign will highlight women in STEM careers AND simple ways for anyone to be a scientist by collecting data for real research projects. This year we feature four projects: taking pictures of nighttime skies to inform our understanding of light pollution, observing the timing of seasonal changes in plants to inform our understanding of climate change, measuring backyard precipitation to inform weather reporting and research, and…
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All About STEM Education at Pop Warner Banquet

samantha engineering ASU science cheerleader

    Samantha here! I want to share news about an event I’ll be attending! The Southwest Regional Pop Warner Scholars Banquet will be held on March 21 in San Antonio, TX. It’s true what they say, everything really is bigger in Texas! And this event is no exception. With over 200 Pop Warner cheerleaders and their  parents in the audience, the BIG topic will be education. I’ll share my experiences as an engineer (and former AZ Cardinals cheerleader!) and shed light on related paths…
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Ivy League Brains: Brown University Science Cheerleaders

Brown University Cheerleaders

Science Cheerleader Hilary here! While working on my PhD at Brown University I have had the opportunity to work with the Brown University Cheerleaders–an amazing group of girls who balance athletics and academics flawlessly. Meet the Science Cheerleaders of Brown University below!   Sarah Skelton (Dover, Arkansas) “I am concentrating in Biology with a focus on Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Animals of all sorts have always captivated me, and my adoration for them expanded into a desire to protect the…
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