Science Cheerleader Amessia: Epidemiologist and WNBA Cheerleader

Amessia Atlanta Dream Science Cheerleader

What turned you on to science? What’s funny about my current profession is…I WASN’T a big fan of Science in High School! I had the goal of working in the medical field and knew that if I wanted to excel in it, I had to learn to love Science. Science has so many components that it was hard to gain a desire for it because you are often exposed to the areas that don’t interest you. I didn’t want to…
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Aerospace Engineer and former cheerleader, Carey, leads Science Week event at Mint Hill Library in Charlotte, NC


Guest post from Carey! I had the awesome pleasure of representing Science Cheerleader for the afternoon during Science Week at the Mint Hill Library in Charlotte, NC. The program was aimed at 5-11 year olds, both males and females. It was a great experience discussing rockets and my career at Lockheed Martin. To engage the students, we made rockets with straws and then had a competition by turning their rockets into balloon rockets. The kids were very excited to try…
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Status update for Project MERCCURI

Credit: @casettron

From @Jennomics (a co-PI on Project MERCCURI): Status update for Project MERCCURI: Our [surface] samples are being stored in a -80C freezer on the ISS. But, there is a problem with the equipment (plate reader) that will be used to run our “growth competition” experiment. The company that we are working with, NanoRacks is working hard to troubleshoot the problem. It isn’t clear now whether there is a problem with the inner workings of the equipment or the touchscreen computer…
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Rae: Science Cheerleader, Chemist, and (awesome!) STEM communicator! (She’s also the managing editor of SciStarter!)

Rae at desk

Here’s Raecca (Rae): Science Cheerleader, blogger, and SciStarter managing editor (among other things!) Hi, Rae! What got you into science? As a high school student, I enjoyed my math and science classes. If you gave me the option to solve an equation or read a novel, I would choose the equation every time. My senior-level science teachers were able to explain concepts in a clear manner, but they also infused humor whenever they could. My senior level math teachers were all…
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Science Cheerleader Memorie: pursuing a Ph.D. while cheering for the WNBA.


I want to be an example of an intelligent and extremely hard-working cheerleader. I would also like to be a role model for young girls and other women, showing them that it is possible to have a successful career in science while at the same time following their other passions, such as cheerleading and dancing.

Stephanie: Military aerospace engineer and former college cheerleader, working on dual MSE + MBA degrees!


There seems to be this perception that engineers hole themselves up in their labs or cubicles, working on equations all day long without any interaction with other people. While this might be true for some engineers, the majority of us are constantly working with others in some way or another. You may have to collaborate on a design together, give a presentation about your work, or share your assessment of test results or reports.

Science Cheerleader Britney: Software engineer and WNBA cheerleader.

britney_atlanta_dream science cheerleader

“The general stereotype around people in IT is that we are not personable or friendly, and that we sit in front of our computers all day. Wrong!”

Upcoming Science Cheerleader events. Be there and be square!


Nurse Anesthetist and Former Washington Redskins Cheerleader Rachel Visits HoCo STEM Festival

Rachel SciCheer Uniform Logo

Nurse Anesthetist and former Washington Redskins cheerleader Rachel recently attended the Howard County (Maryland) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Festival. Here’s her report: Hello fellow STEM folks! I had the pleasure of representing Science Cheerleader at the HoCo STEM Festival a few weeks ago. This was the second annual event so they were still looking for ideas in terms of how to make the event flow and make it overall even better! This year I was in the “Meet…
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Project MERCCURI: Just how does a science experiment on the Space Station return to Earth?

Thousands of people swabbed microbes from their shoes and cell phones for Project MERCCURI. We’ll share the results of that part of the research as soon as we have them. Many people also swabbed surface samples from landmarks including the Liberty Bell, 76ers stadium, and other cool venues. Those samples were sent to the International Space Station and we’ll learn more about how they’re growing in space (compared to their counterparts left behind at UCDavis) in the coming weeks and months….
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