Meet the MIT Cheerleaders: Science Cheerleaders by Definition!


Science Cheerleader Hilary here! I’m excited to introduce you to the MIT Cheer Team–a group of dedicated and brilliant students with passions for STEM and cheerleading! Read on below to meet some of the incredible individuals who make up the team! Also, check out the full interview with their coach Kelly! Betsy (New York) – Captain Major: Chemical-Biological Engineering At MIT, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to develop synthetic RNA vaccines at the Whitehead Institute. It has given me great exposure to…
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Kelly: Cheerleader, Coach, and PhD Candidate–all at MIT!


Science Cheerleader Hilary here to introduce you to Science Cheerleader Kelly, who both coaches and is a member of the MIT Cheer Team and is completing her PhD in Computational and Systems Biology there! Read on below to learn all about Kelly’s amazing work in both STEM and Cheer! Also make sure to check out the profile of Kelly’s team at MIT! Kelly did her bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences at Harvard and is now finishing her PhD in Computational and…
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Emily: Former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and High School Math Teacher

Emily Atlanta Falcons Science Cheerleader

Howdy, science fans! Please give your attention to Emily. She’s a great example of what a dedicated math teacher (and mom) can be…and yes, she’s also been an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. A great combination! Greetings, Emily! So what turned you on to science and when? I’ve always loved math and science in school. In my middle school gifted program, I started selecting coursework that interested me, and I always chose math and technology courses! I remember my 7th grade math teacher gushing…
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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Success

Girl Day Sherry

Hi Science Cheerleader fans, Samantha here! I just wrapped up a fabulous weekend at UT Austin where we attended Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day and the Girl Day STEM Festival! Sherry, Katarina, and myself kicked off the event with a big SciCheer welcome. Then we interacted with the over 5,000 attendees to teach them about Science Cheerleaders, citizen science, and tell them about our free e-book, The Science of Cheerleading. It was great: 5,000 elementary and middle school girls with their…
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Meet the Science Cheerleaders at Girl Day!

Girl Day Logo

On Saturday, February 27, 2016, the Women in Engineering Program at the University of Texas, Austin is hosting their national award-winning “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.” Celebrated every year during Engineers Week, this Girl Day event gives girls of all ages the opportunity to work with hands-on engineering projects; this year the event will host over 7,000 girls! Families and educators are invited to join elementary and middle school students to visit with technology and engineering professionals across the…
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Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC!

Science Cheerleader Labenga Labcoats

Science Cheerleaders representing professional teams across the country and STEM fields across the spectrum will be together in one place! The Science Cheerleaders, current and former professional cheerleaders who are also scientists and engineers, are excited to participate in the USA Science and Engineering Festival and they will be bringing their A-game! They will perform science-themed routines during the festival, autograph personalized trading cards, and promote citizen science activities with their partners, SciStarter, Discover Magazine, and Astronomy Magazine. In fact,…
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Science Cheerleaders, SciStarter, Discover Magazine and Astronomy Magazine at AAAS Family Science Days!

aaas family science days

Saturday and Sunday February 13–14, 2016 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Marriott Wardman Park Hotel Washington, DC Register now: Free, hands-on science fun for the entire family. Explore interactive science exhibits, learn about cool science jobs, and have your questions answered by scientists, including these Science Cheerleaders! Megan, Computer Scientist, Redskins alumni Margaret, PhD Chemistry, Baltimore Blast alumni Lauren, Mathematician, Redskins and Wizards Alumni They’ll be joined by their pals at SciStarter, Discover Magazine and Astronomy Magazine to lead a Science Quiz Show…
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Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders at the top of their class


Hi SciCheer fans! Samantha here! The Arizona Cardinals are on their way to the NFC Championship game (woo hoo!). Not only are they leaders in the NFL, some of their cheerleaders are leaders in STEM! I pursued my engineering degree while cheering for the Cardinals, so I know what it takes (also explains my favoritism!). These ladies have exciting lives on and off the field!              Alexa and Catie are two Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders who also…
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Patriots Cheerleaders Balance Playoffs and STEM Careers!


Science Cheerleader Hilary here! During college I cheered for the Colgate Raiders and got my degree in Biochemistry, so I know what it takes to succeed both on the field and in the field! Now I balance my PhD in Molecular Pharmacology with being a Regional Coordinator for Science Cheerleader and assistant coaching the Brown University Bears Cheerleading team. As you follow the NFL playoffs in the coming weeks, keep in mind the balancing acts on the sidelines! The Patriots Cheerleaders below manage…
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The changing face of science (cheerleader).

(Much of the following was already published on the SciStarter blog. I thought it was worth sharing here, too!) Last month, I had the immense honor of sharing the stage with Bill Nye and some fascinating thought leaders in space exploration from academia and industry, thanks to the leaders at Arizona State University’s New Space. We talked about colonizing Mars, mining asteroids, women in STEM and more. Amid all the exciting, forward-looking discussions, bolstered by the super-pumped-up audience of 3500 ASU students,…
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