Today in Atlanta: Girl Scouts + Citizen Science + Science Cheerleaders!

GS Super STEM Expo Participants

The Girl Scouts of America hosts their annual Super STEM Expo at the North Atlanta Trade Center today. The Science Cheerleaders will join organizers from the  Atlanta Science Festival  to engage scouts and their leaders in citizen science, including NASA’s Asteroid Initiative!    

Zenobia: former 49ers cheerleader, Stanford grad, and Women in Tech mentor

Zenobia San Francisco 49ers Science Cheerleader At Work

Zenobia is a former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader with an economics degree from Stanford University! You have a degree in economics from Stanford with minors in industrial engineering and psychology. What got you interested in those subjects? I have to say, in every case, it was the professors. They were so passionate about the subjects, that they drew you in and got you hooked. Economics is nicknamed ‘the dismal science’, but that’s really not true! My first semester at Stanford,…
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Science Cheerleader Jessica (chemist) leads citizen science project with Pop Warner cheerleaders

science cheerleader dallas

Jessica, a chemist and former Dallas Vigilantes cheerleader, joined youth cheerleaders, their coaches, and parents, to lead a citizen science project to help get people involved in NASA’s Asteroid Initiative! Special thanks to the North Texas Pop Warner Region and to the Oak Cliff Titans, Oak Cliff Redskins, and Fair Park Cardinals! Learn more about Jessica’s interest in science and cheerleading, here! What turned you on to science and when? I have always been curious about my surroundings as far back as…
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Science Cheerleaders lead citizen science at Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum: Informing NASA’s Asteroid Initiative

NASA asteroid initiative citizen science

Today, meet the Science Cheerleaders at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and learn from them about NASA’s Asteroid Initiative  in celebration of “Women in Aviation and Space Heritage Family Days” 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Kristin: Doctor of Chiropractic, former cheerleader, GA Tech and Atlanta Hawks

Kristen: Doctor of Chiropractic, GATech alumni; former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader

Meet Kristen at the DragonCon parade on Saturday, August 30!

Meet the Science Cheerleaders at DragonCon this weekend!


When the annual Dragon*Con parade rolls through Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, August 30, four Science Cheerleaders will be cheering for science and leading parade spectators in citizen science activities! They’ll be marching with other citizen science evangelists including Pamela Gay from CosmoQuest, and the Free Thought Society. Stick around on Sunday when our pals at the Atlanta Science Festival engage fans in a research project we’re launching with ECAST (Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology) and SciStarter!      

Muse Hack interview with Darlene Cavalier, founder of Science Cheerleader and SciStarter

” First and foremost, we want to help people recognized that they are as entitled as anyone else to play active roles in science and technology. In the process, we’ve been able to help a lot of researchers and other people organizing participatory research and civic engagement projects, recruit skilled participants. A win/win! “

Brandi : Master’s Degree and former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader

Brandi Indianapolis Colts Science Cheerleader

Brandi has a Master’s Degree  and she cheered for the Indianapolis Colts. Hi, Brandi! What turned you on to science? What turned me on to science was my interest in discovering a cure for cancer. I had a grandfather, who was a vivid portrait painter, creator, and artist. He was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was very young, and succumbed to the disease within months of his diagnosis. My only true memory of him was spending time at his…
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Science Cheerleader William: pursuing a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology, former cheerleader at the University of MD!

Rock Cheer

Today we get to hear from William (a.k.a. “Rock”), a male cheerleader who is pursuing a master’s degree in marine biology at the University of Maryland.  What turned you on to science and when? I remember as a child that I wanted to be a dolphin trainer because I thought that was the only career I could have in marine biology, similar to what other children may think, but as I got older I was steered away from that goal…
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Carey: aerospace engineer at Lockheed Martin and former University of Wyoming cheerleader

Carey University of Wyoming Science Cheerleader

As an engineer, we get stereotyped as “introverts” and “nerds.” I am happy to show that I am bubbly, outgoing, and an extrovert as an engineer. I love telling people what I do for a living and surprise them!!


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