Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the Cambridge Science Festival!

This Saturday, April 13, the Science Cheerleaders will return to the Cambridge Science Festival for the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo! Come meet Science Cheerleaders Hilary (cancer researcher) and Theresa (chemistry PhD candidate) from 12-4pm, and they will be joined by New England Patriots Cheerleaders Jenna (an electrical engineer) and Michaela (a doctor of physical therapy) from 1-3pm! Get ready to participate in hands-on citizen science projects with our partner SciStarter and take pictures and ask questions with the Science…
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Jess: Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and Nurse

Science Cheerleader Britney here, bringing you an update on veteran Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Jess! You may remember Jess from her interview last year. With a passion for helping others, Jess is pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and working as a School Nurse, all on top of being an NFL cheerleader! Read below to learn more about what Jess has been up to since we last caught up. What turned you on to STEM and when?  My father and grandma are…
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Science Cheerleaders rally at a high school STEM Expo

Last month, Science Cheerleaders Colleen and Margaret participated in a STEM expo at Archbishop Carroll High School in Washington, DC.  The event was a great success with lots of exciting presenters and activities including a live cryogenics demonstration (Margaret’s area of expertise!) and a hands-on demonstration of a virtual reality game that seeks to educate individuals on the human heart.  The event was an opportunity to educate students about opportunities to pursue STEM majors and careers and chat with expo…
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Dr. Patrice: Former Patriots Cheerleader and Award-Winning Tech Teacher

Hi everyone, Sciene Cheerleader Colleen here! Former New England Patriots Cheerleader Dr. Patrice Farquharson recently received an Innovation in Technology Award from CT NBC and Telemundo for her proposal to help train teachers to integrate tech into their classrooms for very young children. Congratulations on your award!  What was your reaction like when you got the exciting news that you had been selected? I was so thrilled that the CT NBC and Telemundo were recognizing the importance of introducing technology and…
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Caitrin: New England Patriots Cheerleader with a Passion for Finance

While the Patriots tally their touchdowns, New England Patriots Cheerleader rookie Caitrin may be the best-equipped person on the field for heavier math! Read on below to learn how she balances accounts and a demanding role as a Patriots Cheerleaders, keeping teamwork at the front of both fields! What turned you on to STEM and when? I have always been interested in algebra since I was a little girl. On road trips from Massachusetts to Vermont with my dad, we would…
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Alicia: New England Patriots Cheerleader and Doctor of Physical Therapy

New England Patriots Cheerleader rookie Alicia has been balancing her work in physical therapy with her cheerleading career for years—she was an All-Star cheerleader for 10 years and has completed a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in her pursuit to become an excellent physical therapist! Read on below to see how her passion for both fields has helped her overcome every challenge that has stood in her path! What turned you on to STEM and when? When I was 12…
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Dani: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader and Project Engineer!

Like most NFL cheer teams, the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are all required to be in school or fully employed in addition to their cheerleading commitments. Rookie Vikings Cheerleader Dani holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and uses the skills she has learned in school and on the field every day! Read on below to learn all about Dani. What turned you on to STEM and when? I remember having a fascination with architecture from a young age. I would…
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AFC Science Cheerleaders Championship

Meet the Science Cheerleaders whose daily lives in STEM are something to cheer for!

NFC Science Cheerleaders Championship

When the Los Angeles Rams take on the New Orleans Saints this Sunday for the NFC Championship game, there is more to cheer for than just football. Learn more about the Science Cheerleaders who will be on the sidelines! New Orleans Saints Los Angeles Rams All images are courtesy of the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints. For more information, please visit their cheerleader pages.

Jenn: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader and Registered Nurse

Veteran Vikings Cheerleader Jenn holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and uses the skills she has learned as a registered nurse and on the field every day! Read on below to learn all about Jenn. When did you decide to pursue a science career ? I realized I wanted to be a nurse when my grandma was sick in hospice care. I was fascinated and inspired by the work of the home-care nurse, and when she needed assistance with caring…
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