Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson: space (+chemistry) cheerleader

Last week, the Science Cheerleaders performed at a White House/NASA celebration of Women’s History Month. Keynote speakers included Valerie Jarrett (senior White House adviser), Lori Garver (Deputy Director of NASA who told us she, too, was once a cheerleader) and astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, who recently returned from six months in space aboard the International Space Station. I cannot say enough about the talks each woman delivered and I encourage you to take some time to watch the recorded event, which I will post when I have the link.

Tracy is a cheerleader for space exploration, chemistry (she has a PhD in chem) and helping kids tap their inner sources of strength. As you can see from this picture, she sure has the cheerleader-stance (she out-cheers me, that’s for sure!). It was an honor to work with Tracy and the professionals at NASA.

The Science Cheerleaders left feeling totally inspired and ready to spread the gospel of space exploration and girl-power!

  • Laura Eilers

    Tracy it was a pleasure meeting you! You are an inspiration. – Laura Eilers, Science Cheerleaders Choreographer

  • Summer W.

    It was an honor to meet Lori and Tracy, two great women of NASA. Both ladies delivered inspirational messages that not only led 200 middle school girls to thinking about what motivates them but also grown women in the audience. I left even more proud to be a woman engineer and a part of NASA.

    Thanks to the White House Council on Women & Girls and NASA for this event celebrating women. Also, thanks to the head Science Cheerleader, Darlene Cavalier, for giving the Science Cheerleader squad the opportunity to participate:)

    Goooooo Science!

    Summer (Science Cheerleader & NASA Engineer)

  • Melissawarren20

    Tracy, you are honored in the novel XIANNE: A COMEDY OF CULTURES by Jayce Grayson by having a Martian settlement named after you!