Wescott’s Weekly Update – Best of the Science Blogs.

Hey, David here again with more wholesome sciencey goodness from the blogosphere.   I’m trying to put something out there for everyone this week, so here goes:

The Science of Beauty.  Have you ever wondered what makes something beautiful?  Turns out it’s a lot of things.  Abi Millar at Elements breaks down a few of them.

An Almost Perfect Murder.  Deborah Blum at PLoS Blogs’ Speakeasy Science writes chemistry lessons in the form of strange-but-true murder mysteries.  It’s so cool. I recommend her book as well.

NASA’s Guide to Solar Flares. Phil Plait at Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy Blog points you to great resources about that big eruption on the sun a couple of weeks ago.

An Interview with Dean Kamen.  Sheril Kirshenbaum has struck out on her own – she has a new blog called Culture of Science.  She scored a great Interview with Dean Kamen, an inventor who is working with will. i. am. of the Black Eyed Peas on a project called FIRST.  The interview is in three parts – check it out!  And check out FIRST!