Darlene Cavalier – Founder of Science Cheerleader

Darlene Cavalier - Founder of Science Cheerleader

  • Ursula Armstrong

    I was so excited to find you Ms. Cavalier! I’m a mom doing some research for my daughter who loves science! She is starting high school and college is her goal. She loves all things science such as the show Bones, and any Forensic TV shows and is very sharp. She is also very 5’8″ and a beautiful blonde. She is constantly battling the feeling or idea that people think she is stupid or some kind of sex pot. She goes to a Christian school to avoid bullying in the public but this again brings it’s own list of issues, especially in science. Her older brother is in medical school and he too struggled with teachers assuming he was just a big meat head. Its frustrating to me and I often say it’s hard being well rounded and having it all as some just don’t think it’s possible. Beauty is a double edged sword.
    As she pursues her science interest which also includes Marine Biology do you have any suggestions. Both of these areas, Forensics and Marine Biology, seem to be flooded. We will continue to pursue looking into basic science programs in Biology, but at schools that offer opportunities in her areas of interest, but its a bit frustrating. I know it seems early, but this is about the time I started looking at things for my son. It’s nice to have a heads up and an idea of trends. Thank you!