John Collier

John Collier - Science Tourist!
John has had a love of science since he was a wee lad; he remembers happily licking and pasting stickers into stacks of Doubleday/Science Service “Science Program” books back during the late 1960s.  One of those Science Program books had a picture of Meteor Crater and John (who still had a full head of hair at the time) thought that it would be really cool to visit that chunk of interplanetary impacted Arizona some day.   There are folks who have described the crater “just another big hole in the ground.”  But for John, visiting the crater for the first time (40 years later) it was a deeply emotional moment – the fulfillment of a life-long dream.  Big hole in the ground, indeed!

Aside from getting all teary-eyed over cosmic divots, John received a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering Technology from Lake Superior State College (now a University) and a Master’s in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He briefly toyed with the idea of going on for a Ph.D., but decided he was too lazy and wanted to watch TV and read comic books instead.  Between episodes of “Babylon 5” and issues of “Batman”, John has designed, written, and tested software for a couple of telecommunication companies and is currently working for a predictive analytics company.

John is lucky to be married to Lynn (probably the only woman in world who would put up with him) and has two middle-school aged children.  According to an article he just read, middle-school kids scored the lowest on a “moral development scale” – one notch below prison inmates.  John figures he and Lynn are in for a rough couple of years.

Family vacations tend to be road trips to “places where you can learn stuff” such as caves, mine tours and national parks.  John has forced his poor suffering children to earn (at current count) 54 Junior Ranger badges from various national parks and monuments.  His children have vowed to never torture their own kids in a similar fashion.

John is absolutely delighted to be part of the Science Cheerleader team.  He would like to challenge Occam to an arm-wrestling match to determine who really is the “least intelligent and most uncheerleader-like” of all the Science Cheerleader contributors.  Loser takes the title.

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