Mark Severance

Mark Severance is Science Cheerleader’s Space Guy and he has been a Space Guy all of his life. A NASA engineer at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Mark has spent most of his career in Mission Control Center-Houston as a Flight Controller for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He has had a life-long interest in spaceflight and views the space program as a catalyst for engaging minds of all ages in a deeper understanding of science, engineering, technology and mathematics.

Mark grew up in the Apollo years and had a keen interest in all things space while growing up. As a teenager he was invited to be a student member of the Kettering Group, an international network of student and adult amateur observers who studied Soviet and Chinese satellites and space missions through radio tracking and analysis of telemetry & Cosmonaut voice signals. His satellite tracking proved to be a life directing force, launching his interest and studies in Electronics, Physics and Russian language. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering & Physics, with minors in Russian and Math and a Master’s in Physical Science with a concentration in orbital mechanics.

In addition to his work as Space Shuttle and Space Station Flight Controller, Mark was also a NASA Operations Lead in Mission Control Center-Moscow early in the space station program and when NASA had Astronauts working onboard the Russian space station Mir. He also worked in NASA’s Office of Education where he started a project to develop educational activities experiments for the International Space Station. He is currently an engineer and manager in a space communications lab at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

When not doing space stuff, Mark enjoys working out, watching (sometimes rather emotionally) the Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans, gourmet cooking & dining and listening to jazz while driving his Corvette. He and his wife Barbara, who once was his instructor for Space Shuttle computer systems, live with their two Brittanys Wernher von Braun & Heidi in League City, just outside of Houston.

Mark will be leading some exciting, new SciCheer space projects linked to our sister-site SciStarter.