Michael Gold

Michael GoldAs a telescoping-toting teenager, an aspiring astronaut, a science journalist, and a publishing consultant, Michael Gold has long been in touch with his inner researcher. After graduating from Haverford College with a B.S. in physics, he worked as a newspaper reporter covering energy, the environment, space, medicine, and other fields of science. He served as the first staff writer at Science 80-86, an award-winning publication from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and was the founding executive editor of Hippocrates/Health magazine. He was a regional finalist in NASA’s journalist-in-space program.

As a principal of West Gold Editorial for the past 13 years, Michael’s clients have included Discovery Communications, Web MD, the American Chemical Society, PC World, and The New England Journal of Medicine. Michael is the author of A Conspiracy of Cells, a popular, nonfiction account of a scandal in cancer research.

In the true spirit of citizen science, during a visit to Australia Michael and his equally science-leaning wife, Susan West, conducted a series of bathtub experiments to answer the question: Does water below the equator really swirl down the drain clockwise, as the Coriolis effect would predict? (Answer: More research—and more travel—is needed.)

By helping Darlene expand coverage of citizen science projects within the Science Cheerleader blog and by encouraging more participation in science activities through their upcoming venture, ScienceForCitizens.net, Michael hopes that he won’t stand out so conspicuously when he wears his beloved white lab coat.