Occam’s Razor

Occam's RazorOccam’s Razor is certainly the least intelligent and most uncheerleader-like of all contributors to this site but makes up for that by being the most ardent in his love for all things cheerleader.  He tends to live by the motto that if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, you should baffle them with (baloney).  His contributions to the site will hopefully offer a humorous spin on STEM topics though he does wish to note that under no circumstances should he ever, ever be taken seriously.
He works for a science- and engineering-focused organization where by-and-large he just tries not to screw things up. A writer of some of the best unpublished works never read (“Shakespearean!” his imaginary audiences laud) he usually tries to fulfill his never-ending pursuit of acceptance by being funny, though many argue he fails on both counts.

He considers his biggest comedic influences Dave Barry, Dave Letterman, and Chairman Mao. He likes reading, eating ice cream, attending classical music performances, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and most of all (but only narrowly beating out the Steelers) his darling wife and daughter who tolerate him most admirably.

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