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Science Cheerleader, Hilary, finds new treatment for kidney cancer!

49ers cheerleaders (pursuing STEM careers) join SciStarter to bring citizen science to the Bay Area Science Festival!

Philly Geek Awards Tonight! Who will be the 2016 Scientist of the Year?

Saturday in Philly! Councilman At-Large David Oh and Science CheerLEADERS!

“Ph.Ds and Pompoms Come to Washington,” US News and World Report

Science Cheerleaders, SciStarter, Discover Magazine and Astronomy Magazine at AAAS Family Science Days!

The changing face of science (cheerleader).

Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, today!

Science Cheerleaders enlist youth athletes as citizen scientists for nationwide research that examines soil moisture conditions and water availability

Science of Cheerleading

Understand the science behind a wildly popular, iconic American pastime with The Science of Cheerleading, a new ebook