Here’s how you stack up!

$fields = array();

$fields[‘label’][0] = ‘Your Score|’ . $percent;
$fields[‘type’] [0]= ‘hidden’;

$fields[‘label’][1] = ‘Are you:#Male|Male#Female|Female’;
$fields[‘type’][1] = ‘radiobuttons’;

$fields[‘label’][2]= ‘What is your age?#18-29|18-29#30-49|30-49#50-64|50-64#65+’;
$fields[‘type’][2] = ‘radiobuttons’;

$fields [‘label’][3] = ‘Which best describes your level of education?#High School or less|High School or less#Some College|Some College#College Graduate|College Graduate’;
$fields [‘type’][3] = ‘radiobuttons’;


echo “

Here’s how you did, compared to other who took the quiz:


$chart = ‘Your score stacked up against the average for all test attempts‘;
echo $chart;

$tweetit= “

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echo $tweetit;

if ($percent>=80) {echo ‘

Congratulations, Science Literate! Click here to get your printable certificate! And see how you can jump in and change the way science gets done by participating in citizen science projects and weighing in on science policy discussions


/* if ($percent>=80) {echo ‘where should we send your Science Cheerleader t-shirt?’; insert_cform(‘makeover_tshirt’);} */
?> As a thank-you for taking the quiz, we’d like to offer you a $4 discount on a Science Cheerleader t-shirt. Show your support for citizen science! 100% cotton. White.