Advanced Degrees

Science Cheerleader Sarah Inspires Students at STEM Fair in Washington, D.C.!

Theresa: New England Patriots Cheerleader and PhD Student in Chemical Biology!

Sarah: Baltimore Blast, Baltimore Brigade, and Chesapeake Bayhawks Cheerleader with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling!

Britt: Aspiring Physical Therapist and Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Veteran

Meet Morgan: Broncos Rookie Cheerleader and Aerospace Engineer!

Meet Michaela: New England Patriots Cheerleader and Doctor of Physical Therapy!

Meet Melissa: Patriots Cheerleader with a Passion for Healthy Living!

Meet Allysen: Former AZ Cardinals Cheerleader, Mom, Nurse, and Startup Founder

Meet Jenna: Patriots Cheerleader and Electrical Engineer with some bright ideas!

Meet Samantha: Pharmaceutical Researcher and UConn Science Cheerleader