Citizen Science

Science Cheerleaders Send Experiment to Space. From ABC7

Georgia Tech cheerleaders talking citizen science and Project MERCCURI on FOX News

Philadelphia Inquirer: A Tale of Cheerleaders, Microbes and Orbit

76ers halftime performance by the Science Cheerleaders on 2/18: Science at the Sixers!

Oklahoma Zoo citizen science scistarter science cheerleader

Oklahoma Zoo and Botanical Gardens + Oklahoma Association for Environmental Education = Citizen Science!

It’s the 49ers vs the Patriots in the (microbial) SuperBowl (in space)!

Citizen Science at the 76ers SciStarter Science Cheerleader

Are you ready for some citizen science at the Sixers on 2/18!?

Darlene Cavalier Citizen science Liberty Bell Project MERCCURI

Liberty and science for all!

Georgia Tech cheerleaders participate in citizen science (Project MERCCURI!)

Thursday evening: Citizen Science and Project MERCCURI at ASU’s Science Cafe.