Science Policy

NASA asteroid initiative citizen science

Science Cheerleaders lead citizen science at Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum: Informing NASA’s Asteroid Initiative

Darlene Cavalier Corey Powell Discover Magazine National Science Foundation Wind Energy

[Video] The Road to the New Energy Economy: Learn about wind energy (in less than 4 minutes!).

Woodrow WIlson Center event on citizen science and science policy

How citizen scientists can, indeed, shape science policy through participatory technology assessment

Science Cheerleader to speak about public engagement in federal science policy (Washington, D.C.)

Science Cheerleader and SciStarter: Uniting citizen scientists, hackers, and public policy makers.

Science Cheerleaders help lead effort to create 21st century science policy making. Seriously.

The Top American Science Questions in 2012

The time has come: public participation in science policy making.

Join me on Capitol Hil: 5/23, Human Behavior: Influences on Energy Choices