New England Patriots

kristen science cheerleader patriots cheerleader

Meet the Real Brains of the NFL’s Ravens-Patriots Game!

New England Patriots Cheerleaders participate in citizen science: Project MERCCURI compares microbes from stadiums to those on the International Space Station.

Kelly: New England Patriots cheerleader pursuing PhD in cognitive neuroscience, Department of Defense fellowship

Erica New England Patriots Science Cheerleader

Erica: New England Patriots (and science!) cheerleader.

Patriots cheerleader engineer science cheerleader

Trish: New England Patriots cheerleader (captain) and civil engineer.

brianna patriots cheerleader, science cheerleader, dentist

Brianna: Patriots cheerleader majoring in biology and chemistry…future dentist!

britni patriots cheerleader science

Britni: Patriots cheerleader with a psychology degree.

jessica patriots cheerleader science

Jessica:Patriots cheerleader, future active duty officer, United States Army Nurse Corps

asia science cheerleader patriots doctor biology

Asia: New England Patriots cheerleader, prepping for medical school entrance exams

sarah science cheerleader patriots math economics

Sarah: Patriots Cheerleader who loves math