Meet Science Cheerleaders from MIT and the New England Patriots at AAAS Family Science Days!

The changing face of science (cheerleader).

Wendy: NFL cheerleader, Biomedical Engineering PhD candidate

It’s the 49ers vs the Patriots in the (microbial) SuperBowl (in space)!

Darlene Cavalier Citizen science Liberty Bell Project MERCCURI

Liberty and science for all!

Georgia Tech cheerleaders participate in citizen science (Project MERCCURI!)

Some Merry (and science-y) Cheers for you!

In 5-1/2 minutes, learn why microbes matter and what you can do to nurture your own.

Inside Science news piece Science Cheerleader microbes NASA

Science Cheerleaders + Citizen Scientists Help Send Microbes to Space (Video)

npr citizen science logo scistarter

“Science Cheerleader” and “SciStarter” founder, Darlene Cavalier, will be talking about citizen science on 11/2: NPR’s Weekend in Washington