Philly Geek Awards Tonight! Who will be the 2016 Scientist of the Year?

So stoked to present the Scientist of the Year award tonight at the Philly Geek Awards!! Here are the nominees in the Scientist of the Year category. Other categories include Geek of the Year, Start Up of the Year, Maker of the Year and more. I’ll post information on the winner once that’s revealed, tonight!! Dr. Danielle Bassett applies graph theoretical work in math and physics to the study of real-world networks, most notably the human brain. She publishes in…
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Patriots Cheerleaders Show Their STEaM Spirit!

Science Cheerleader Hilary here, thrilled to be back again to tell you about some of the incredible ladies leading both careers and cheers for the New England Patriots, who are on their way to the NFL Playoffs! Read on below to find out about the amazing things these talented women are doing both on the field and in their fields! Theresa: Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry I graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. I am currently working at…
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Science Cheerleader and SciStarter Founder, Darlene Cavalier, featured speaker at PA Conference for Women

“Dear Darlene, My name is Jaynie (i’m a cheerleader) and I met you today at the conference. I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to follow my heart and do what I love. You gave me the confidence to continue my love for math and science and now I know that I’m not the only one struggling with overcoming stereotypes.”

Meet Olivia: Civil Engineer and Dancer for the Dallas Stars Hockey Team

Hi SciCheer fans! Samantha here! I want to introduce you to the newest member of Science Cheerleaders from Dallas, Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas, including Olivia’s passion for engineering and dance! What turned you on to engineering and when? My grandfather was an important role model in my life, and he was an engineer. I have always enjoyed math, but going into college I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I started taking classes…
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Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum!

    If you’re going to be in the Washington, DC, area on Saturday 9/17 between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., you can meet three of the Science Cheerleaders at the National Air & Space Museum. They will be participating in Heritage Family Days, which recognizes Women in Aviation and Space. Here’s what the Smithsonian Institution has to say about the event: “Throughout the history of aviation and space exploration, women have fought to be on equal terms with their…
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Meet Mary: Senior Quality Engineer with a Passion for Cheer!

Hey SciCheer fans!  Megan here to introduce our newest Science Cheerleader, Mary! She cheered for not one, but three different teams including San Diego Surf Dawgs, San Diego Shockwave, and San Diego Enforcers! Mary received a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Master of the Arts in Behavior from National University.  Keep reading for more fun facts about Mary.   What turned you on to science/engineering and when?  I have been interested in science for…
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Science Cheerleader Brandi at the Girl Scouts Green Rush Event in Atlanta

The Science Cheerleaders appear in the most interesting places. Recently, SciCheer Brandi participated in the Girl Scouts’ Green Rush event in Atlanta, which was an opportunity for people to learn about environmentally friendly businesses. “What an amazing opportunity to support Green Rush and encourage young people to go into the STEM fields, said Brandi. “Special thanks to Kinchasa Taylor, CGH Director, United Nations Association, and Mayor Kasim Reed’s office. I look forward to participating next year.” We also received the following note…
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Science Cheerleader and SAVE JON: Second Annual Game Changer Gala!

Science Cheerleader Hilary here! Recently, the Science Cheerleaders lent spirit and support at the 2016 Annual Game Changer Gala for SAVE JON at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA! Traveling from all corners of the country, Science Cheerleaders were thrilled to be back at the gala this year to support the amazing mission of SAVE JON, an organization that is making huge strides towards unraveling the mysteries of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). PSC is a disease that affects the bile duct and liver,…
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Amber: A College Cheerleader and PhD changing our world!

Hi SciCheer fans! Samantha here to introduce you to the newest Science Cheerleader. Amber cheered in college at the University of Tulsa and continued to pursue her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. Amber is a researcher and professional speaker encouraging kids to follow their dreams! 1) What turned you on to STEM and when?  I was a high school teacher and cheer coach and wasn’t satisfied with the outcomes of several of my students. Some students would excel after high school and others would…
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Professor at ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society appointed to U.S. EPA Advisory Council

Science Cheerleader founder, SciStarter founder, former Philadelphia 76ers cheerleader, and Professor at School for the Future of Innovation in Society at ASU , appointed to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Advisory Council .