Suggest a Project

If you know of an interesting, worthwhile, engaging, or entertaining activity for amateur scientists, please tell us about it using the form below. It could be anything, like…

> a kitchen-based chemistry experiment
> a bird-watching trip, or any sort of nature expedition
> observing an upcoming celestial event
> a dig for citizen archeologists
> projects conducted by professional researchers in need of citizen-scientist volunteers

Those are just a few of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of possibilities. We’ll include your suggestions in our blog postings and add them to our master list on the Project Finder page.

Please tell us why you enjoy doing the project and include some information to help others join in. For example:

> You might offer some advice about how to conduct the project, what materials are needed, how much time it would take.
> If your suggested project is part of an existing program, let us know the name of the organizers and their Web address.
> Is this project for casual science fans or serious geeks?

Thanks for contributing.

The details of your project: