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January/February, 2010 Discover Magazine.Top 100 Science Stories of 2009  Incentive-based prizes.

September, 2009 New York Academy of Sciences Magazine. The Growth of Citizen Scientists.

June, 2009 Discover Magazine.  A Shad Situation The population of American shad rebounded in the 1990s but is again on the wane.

October, 2008. DiscoverMagazine.com Let’s Save Science!

July, 2008 Science Progress. Harnessing the Power of Citizen Scientists. Congress should bring back the OTA, but this time with a prominent role for the public, especially the burgeoning numbers of citizen scientists.

July, 2008. Science Progress. Fishing for Answers. Finding solutions in old OTA reports. The old Office of Technology Assessment had answers to Pennsylvania’s shad problem today. That’s only one reason why efforts to revive the congressional office are gaining traction.

May, 2008 DiscoverMagazine.com Fields of Research Dissed by Nobel Finally Get Their Limelight.

April, 2008 Philadelphia Inquirer. A Debate That Wasn’t Says Much About Science In America